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Type: Residential Home

Client Location: Dallas, TX

Project Date: 2017

Status: Completed

Software: Revit 2017

The project aimed to transform the kitchen into a light, spacious, and functional space tailored for professionals. To achieve this, strategic changes were made, starting with bringing in natural light by relocating the kitchen to the front of the home. Simultaneously, the pantry area was moved to the back for convenient access when unloading groceries from the garage. A covered port roof was constructed from the garage to the kitchen, providing a sheltered entrance, and a custom bench was installed as per the client’s specifications. Additionally, a practical entry hall was organized to enhance functionality.

By moving the kitchen to the front and positioning the sink-faucet in front of a window, a window from another area of the home was relocated, and a new door was installed in its place. Ample storage solutions, including numerous cabinets and a pantry, were incorporated into the design. The secondary countertop on the right side serves as a dedicated space for tea and coffee preparation, while the central countertop can accommodate bar chairs for casual dining. A black glass writing area was added to replace an existing writing board, enhancing both aesthetics and hygiene.

The layout of white goods was carefully considered, with flexibility for adjustment based on the specific dimensions of chosen appliances. A striking wall design was implemented in the dining area to complement the overall concept. Flooring transitions were thoughtfully planned, with stone flooring from the garage leading seamlessly into the kitchen, black and white tiles complementing the cabinetry style, and wooden flooring delineating the dining area.

This meticulously designed kitchen seamlessly combines functionality with style, offering a range of options and details tailored to the client’s preferences.


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