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Each project is created in accordance with the customer’s expectations. Therefore, I start cooperation with detailed consultations that allow me to learn about your favorite materials, colors, styles and lifestyle. Full understanding of the client’s expectations and vision will result in the best arrangement effects, and the created interior will serve its user to the fullest extent. The initial conversation also allows you to determine the final scope of design work.

Architectural Inventory

The local vision is the first contact with the designed space, which allows you to feel the atmosphere of the interior. During such a meeting, I take a precise measurement of the room and photographic documentation, necessary before starting the design work.

Conceptual Design

The first stage of design work is the analysis of the interior in terms of ergonomics, i.e. the development of a functional and spatial layout. I am preparing several proposals for the interior layout, including flat projections with the arrangement of walls, furniture and devices in the interior. Then we discuss each version together and finally a functional layout is created, which is the basis for further design work.

Detailed design with Photorealistic Visualizations

After accepting the functional layout, we start the second stage, i.e. the detailed design. I prepare the whole thing in the form of visualization. They are created after prior determination of aesthetic preferences. Made in photorealistic quality, they will allow you to get acquainted with the designed space before it is created. Step by step, we discuss each stage of the project through meetings or by e-mail. We set the investment budget, determine the character of the interior, learn about the potential, work out joint design decisions taking into account space, form, light, shade and necessary materials. Together with clients, I work on the final version of the visualization, which reflects their future interior.

Selection of Equipment

During the development of the detailed design, together with the client, we select the equipment in terms of the final decoration of the space. The works are multi-faceted and consist in selecting interior furnishings in the store together with the customer or indicating selected elements of decor by e-mail based on the manufacturer’s catalog. It can also be a confirmation of a choice made by the Customer himself.

Executive Project

The interior creation process ends with the approval of the visualization. This is the time to prepare technical documentation based on the assumptions developed together with the client during design work. It is a detailed instruction containing all the necessary drawings that will allow the finishing team, carpenters and other specialists to evaluate and make the designed elements needed to implement the project in accordance with the arrangements and the final vision presented in the visualizations. The documentation includes projections along with instructions regarding the arrangement of walls, all installations, floor layout, ceiling designs and other individual developments.


After the design work is completed, I offer free-of-charge ad hoc contact with the teams and consultations to check compliance with the project. The service is not a typical author’s supervision, nor a part of the design process, but is only intended to help in the implementation of the effect of joint design work.

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