5 Dorm Room Ideas To Make An Aesthetically Pleasing Space
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5 Dorm Room Ideas To Make An Aesthetically Pleasing Space

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking ahead about your dorm and the new life ahead of you. Having your own dorm is a blank slate, so why would you leave it empty? You have a fresh start from your cluttered room at home, so let’s make it count! Here are some top 5 favorite aesthetics and some links to decorations and furniture.

1. Boho Chic, this is a classic dorm room design. Very “Urban Outfitters” vibes with lots of tapestries, fairy lights and cacti. Cozy sheets are a must! Polaroid photos tacked to the walls also add life to your room.

Black and White Tapestry ($)

Blue Peacock Tapestry ($)

Fairy Lights, 8 Settings, 20ft ($)

Faux Fur Throw Blanket ($$)

Hanging Rope Planter ($$)


2. Pastel Retro, really beautiful design and definitely something unique that your friends won’t have! Retro includes round shapes and soft colours of blue, green and pink. Light wood goes really well with these colours too and adds life! Definitely check out your local thrift stores, you never know what goodies they might have!

Red Retro Coffee Maker ($$$)

Retro Clock in Blue ($$$)

Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($$)

Raw Steampunk Lightbulb ($$)

Various Colored Rug Cozy ($$)


4. Cozy Cabin, This is my favourite! Faux leather, imperfect wood, sweater print and red tartan are the main colour and texture palettes in this look. Although you can’t nail tree bark to the walls of your dorm, you can still make it just as rustic. Go for cozy blankets, natural candles and fairy lights. If you’re buying kitchenware like mugs and plates, check out the links below for some really nice ones!

3 Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders ($)

Coleman Enamel Mug ($$)

Rustic Farmhouse Blanket ($$)

Forest Pine Essential Oil ($)

Rustic Wooden 3 Photo Hanging Picture Frame ($$)


5. Minimalism, probably the cheapest and more chic design out of the five. Now, minimalism is about everything being practical and having multiple uses. Stay away from clutter and decorations and only buy nice things with purpose. Stick with plain white and basic shapes. Definitely add one or two plants to this design, otherwise your room could end up looking lifeless!

Simple White Bed-sheets ($$)

Vanilla White Candle ($$$)

Polaroid Photo Hanger ($$)

Clear Glass Kettle ($$)

4 Piece Modern White Geometric Plant Pots ($)

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