6 Things I Wish I Had Done During College
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6 Things I Wish I Had Done During College
Graduating has always been a goal for me, because to be honest, I don’t want to stay in school for too long, especially with the neck-strangling international fees that doesn’t show the signs of taking a break.
However, graduating means it’s going to be a while until I decided whether to go back to college again or stay in the workforce.Nevertheless, there are actually some regrets that I have. I really wish I had done these six things during my college years. Now it’s a bit too late. Please read this if you’re still in college, so you won’t have the same regrets as I do.


During my first year, I was the ‘nerdy gal’ who never missed anything. I would show up at a 7pm class and 8am class the next morning. While entering my second and final year, I just realized how skipping classes didn’t bring me anything good for studying. Keeping up with the lessons is actually more time-consuming than attending. Especially, when you don’t know what’s going on in class and your friends forget to back you up.


Be organized. Keep a planner or a schedule to manage your time. Missing an assignment deadline, even if it is only worth 1% of your total mark, is going to be a huge loss. When I was taking Accounting Law, I often underestimated the value of bonus marks. My final grade turned out to be 79. Had I earned one more percent, I would have ended up with an A. You see, even 1% counts.


Some students (like me) might find this tacky. Your professors are the people who know your major better than anyone else in class. Why not talk to them and ask questions about where you could go with your major, or about tips to survive their deadly lessons? Getting to know your professors could also train you to communicate with professionals, professionally.


I never got the chance to work in campus. Unlike my other classmates who were so busy with their campus jobs, I never stayed longer than two hours after classes. It was during my final months that I realized how important to work in campus. The first benefit is obviously the extra money you will earn.
However, the key core of to be able to work on campus would be the experience you have and the relationships you maintain with your campus supervisors, who will happily provide positive references once you get your feet on the real world. You will have the confidence, knowing that you’ve had this before.


College is the place you’ll find your future besties. It’s not just about finding groupmates to do your assignment. Too bad my social skills in approaching people first are limited (I am so used of having people approached me first). If only I had the courage, I would have ended up with more lifetime friends. However, I am really thankful for the very few college friends I have, and I pray that our friendships will last 🙂


I was stressing too much in college, especially graduate. It didn’t feel fun for me, mainly because I didn’t like my major. My only goal from college was to graduate as soon as possible. But honestly, that’s also something I regretted most because I wasn’t able to enjoy the time where I was supposed to have fun (college can be fun, guys!).So enjoy your college years while they last. Regret nothing. Have fun. This might be your only chance. Explore and do well. Hope this post inspires you 🙂


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