DIY: Southwestern Dorm Rug
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DIY: Southwestern Dorm Rug

Dwelling in the dorms this semester? Between all the packets of ramen and books you’ll be buying, we know that you don’t have a lot of cash in your pocket to style your space. If you’re looking to kick your space up a notch on the cheap.

(and we know you are), this rug DIY is perfect for adding an Aztec-inspired breath of stylish air to wherever you like to hang.


DIY: Southwestern Dorm Rug

Step One

First, create a fringe along the borders by cutting into the drop cloth at even intervals. You can choose any length that you’d like for the fringe.

DIY: Southwestern Dorm Rug

DIY: Southwestern Dorm Rug
DIY: Southwestern Dorm Rug

Step Two

Prepare the paint by mixing the fabric medium with the acrylic paint according to the directions on the bottle. Now you can begin painting! Depending on your design, you can either use blue painter’s tape to help create straight lines or simply hand-draw the shapes yourself.

Note: Make sure to place a few pieces of butcher paper onto the rug to protect it from any accidental paints spills!

Step Three

Allow enough time for the paint to dry before removing any tape and moving on to the next section.

Step Four

Continue drawing and painting more designs onto the rug until it’s complete! We used simple shapes such as triangles, dots, and solid lines but you can create any design that you’d like!

Step Five

Wow amazing is this rug? Feel free to experiment with different patterns and colors so your rug fits into your aesthetic perfectly, and find more cool stuff for your desk, walls, or ect.

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