How to Work with an Online Interior Designer
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How to Work with an Online Interior Designer

In recent years, the emergence of online decorating services has made the previously exclusive world of interior design much more accessible. Anyone can now enjoy the benefits without requiring a large budget, extensive research, or even an in-person meeting. However, it’s important to determine whether online decorating is suitable for everyone and every room. To help you get the most out of the experience and achieve your dream space, we’ve consulted with some experts.

Firstly, it’s essential to do your groundwork.

The more information you can provide at the outset, the better. Take advantage of the online quizzes and style assessments to refine the look you’re going for. When describing your current space, be thorough and provide as much information as possible. The more communication, photos, measurements, and inspiration references you can provide, the better your designer will understand your needs and preferences. Emily Motayed, co-founder of Havenly, suggests taking photos of unique details such as moldings to help your designer incorporate them into the design.

Secondly, it’s crucial not to be too rigid or inflexible in your expectations.

Designers working with these services are carefully vetted, so it’s a reassurance that you’re working with a professional. Before hiring a designer, look through their online portfolios to get a feel for their style. However, keep in mind that it’s better to see that they can work within a range of aesthetics rather than deliver a highly specific look. According to Kimberly Winthrop, a designer with Laurel & Wolf, “Their style may not be exactly your style, but any good designer should be able to deliver what you like.”

Finally, it’s essential to be completely honest during the process.

Designing your dream space is a collaborative process, so if you dislike an idea that your decorator suggests, speak up. “A common mistake that people make is not expressing their true opinion on a design or item out of fear of hurting a designer’s feelings,” says Motayed. “Don’t be afraid to be honest.” Being transparent about your preferences will ultimately result in a better outcome for both you and your designer.

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