Modern Lighting – How to Get It Right
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Modern Lighting - How to Get It Right

The first thing you may want to consider when it comes to modern lighting in your home is to mix your floor and table lighting to create the comfortable and effective finish that you are hoping to achieve.  When you mix and match, playing around with different lighting sources, you will find that you can come up with a unique design that complements your space with ease that wouldn’t work in someone else home.

Consider the scale of the room.

If you are looking for modern lighting for your entrance hall, then you will be looking for a different solution when compared to looking in your open plan living space which is a vast amount of open space. For your entrance, a table lamp on a long table may be all your need, but in the living area you will need to combine ceiling lighting, table lamps and floor lamps to really make a statement and impact.

Remember when using cone shaped lighting, ensure you use it in moderation. This is a mistake so many people make Cone lights, also often referred to as canned lights, tend to give a minimal amount of light, this means you need more lamps to ensure you light the area enough to see. Rather use these as a design element and focus on other lighting solutions to provide you with the light you need in the space.

Try mixing and matching colours, tones and textures to achieve a desired result.

While modern lighting can vary from modern designs to minimalistic features, playing around with different textures and tones can help you get the finish you are looking for. Try working with a number of different lighting solutions and see which ones complement each other and then see if these will work in your space moving forward.

You want to ensure that any modern lighting solution you choose makes a statement.

Making a statement in the room, you can turn your modern lighting into a centrepiece that will catch the attention of everyone walking into the space at all times.

You may want to consider mixing your shades and bases.

No one said that you have to stick to the lamp shade that comes with the lamp. You can create your own finish by choosing lamp shades you feel work in the place and then using them on a number of different lamps from table lamps to floor lamps to create the desired effect.

The final consideration is to identify what type of light you want in the room.

The ambience of a room is important to how it feels when you are in the space. You will find that a kitchen requires a brighter light than your living area. You may want to reduce the brightness in the living spaces, making them for cosy and comfortable.

Source: L Modern Lighting

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