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Emu Lyze Seating is a collection of outdoor chairs and tables designed for commercial and residential use. The collection features a sleek and modern design that is both functional and stylish. The chairs are made from a durable aluminum frame and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. The seats and backs are made from a breathable mesh material that is comfortable and easy to clean.

The Emu Lyze Seating collection includes a variety of chair styles, including armchairs, lounge chairs, and bar stools. The chairs are stackable, making them easy to store when not in use. The collection also includes a range of tables, including dining tables, coffee tables, and side tables. The tables are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them suitable for any outdoor space.

One of the key features of the Emu Lyze Seating collection is its durability. The chairs and tables are designed to withstand the elements, making them ideal for outdoor use. The aluminum frame is rust-resistant, and the mesh material is UV-resistant, ensuring that the chairs and tables will look great for years to come.

In addition to its durability, the Emu Lyze Seating collection is also designed for comfort. The mesh material is breathable, allowing air to circulate and keeping users cool on hot days. The chairs also feature ergonomic designs that provide support and comfort for extended periods of sitting.

Overall, the Emu Lyze Seating collection is a great choice for anyone looking for stylish and durable outdoor furniture. With its sleek design, comfortable seating, and long-lasting durability, this collection is sure to impress.

Manufactured by: Steelcase

Files: .rfa (Revit 2015 +)

This revit model has been created using available manufacturer information.

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Emu Lyze Seating is a line of outdoor furniture designed for comfort and durability. It includes chairs, lounges, and tables made from weather-resistant materials.

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