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Welcome to theCreativeRoute.com!

As architects, we are incredibly passionate about our work and often use our free time to work on small projects for private clients. Despite the demands of office work, we enjoy the opportunity to make a difference through these projects. In our experience, people often have questions about interior design when they learn about our profession.

Upon exploring blogs and websites about the topic, we discovered that many people are interested in improving their personal spaces and are inspired by the beautiful images they see. However, we also noticed that most people think of interior design as simply home decor and are unaware of the construction and design considerations that go into creating these spaces. We want to change this by showing examples of great design and explaining the elements that make them successful, as well as highlighting important details that must be properly addressed. We also want to demonstrate the value of investing in quality design and prove to our clients that it is worth the effort, as we have done with all of our clients so far.

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