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Wow With White

I absolutely love what a pop of color or a splash of pattern can do for an interior, but what about a monochromatic interior? For the daring designer, this delicate-yet-bold approach to interior design can produce a stunning finished product. White’s timeless versatility allows an interior designer to create a multitude of looks. From modern and luxurious, to cozy and welcoming, white has the ability to showcase it all!

Here are some tips to consider when working with an all white palette.

The Right White

When scanning through a slew of swatches, white can range from cool blue to warm yellow and various shades in between. Selecting the right white is no easy task, but knowing what style you hope to achieve can help narrow down the options.

For example, those gravitating towards a cozy, welcoming environment should select warm shades of yellow undertone.

Bedrooms tend to carry this color well as it adds an extra layer of warmth to the colors. As with all white interiors, if used in a high-traffic area, make sure to select stain-resistant fabrics, like Crypton, or materials that can handle a lot of wear and tear.

Wow With White
White should not be relegated to just fabrics. It also extends to architectural materials like marble countertops. They look fabulous, but be sure to seal them for durability. This Calacatta marble never disappoints and has become a go-to for a number of projects.


Added Color

Once your white palette has been established, consider adding a beautiful wash of color. I say “wash” because adding too bold of a color takes a design in a more modern direction. Softly accenting a crisp, white space gives the eye a place to rest, rather than being antagonistic or jarring.

Wow With White
Whether it’s a decorative pillow, colorful window sash or even a fresh bouquet of flowers, a bit of color helps create a more inviting space.

Depending on the room, a single spot of color does well. However, for a larger, spacious room surrounded by white walls and high ceilings and dark floors, I like to sprinkle dark undertone throughout and pull it from one side of the space to the other.

Here’s an example of a modern take on white accented with dark furniture. The overall composition looks unified with the warm undertones.

Wow With White
Source: Laura U Interior


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